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16th-Jan-2008 09:24 pm(no subject)
Who: Cayri and N'lon
What: Introducing: N'lon. Hi, Cayri.
Where: Nighthearth, Fort Weyr
When: Aug. 11, 2006

'You look engrossed.'Collapse )
3rd-Feb-2007 05:57 pm - OOC
So I'm working on getting Lani back. She probably would have been up sooner, but for some reason my computer, and strangely that of my neighbor, didn't accept the game's port or address. Now that the game's addy changed, however, I'm back in business or nearly ;)

I gotta work on some icons...
9th-Aug-2006 05:47 pm - The old and young (at heart)
Who: Aolani and Gh'zed
What: Short log on their first encounter
Where: Lake, Fort Weyr
When: Day 21, month 3, turn 443

'Nice night...'Collapse )
7th-Aug-2006 05:40 pm - Differences
Who: Aolani and I'neph
What: After J'tei, I'neph comes in and they discuss Chiyath's flight. He also makes a suggestion that hits the miner's nerve
Where: Kitchen, Fort Weyr
When: Day 15, month 3, turn 443

'Did you /want/ to win?'Collapse )
7th-Aug-2006 12:17 am - Broccoli over brandy?
Who: Aolani and J'tei
What: Discussing current events perhaps a little 'too' deeply
Where: Kitchen, Fort Weyr
When: Day 15, month 3, turn 443

'Whatever is going on is bigger than we're going to sort out over late supper, sweetheart.'Collapse )
2nd-Aug-2006 09:36 am - Bath time
Who: Aolani and Cayri
What: The two women talk for the better
Where: Bathing room, Fort Weyr
When: Day 4, month 3, turn 443

'I find I'neph suitably agreeable for the current duration of our interactions.'Collapse )
31st-Jul-2006 09:28 am - Mixed signals
Who: Aolani and I'neph
What: They venture into some unused Weyr tunnels for rock formations (continuation from previous post)
Where: Inner caverns, Fort Weyr
When: Day 23, month 2, turn 443

''Philanderer' is kind of a strong word,'Collapse )
30th-Jul-2006 06:16 pm - Establishing connections
Who: Aolani, Cayri, I'neph and Soriane
What: Soriane and I'neph patch things up and he and Aolani go on tour
Where: Living cavern, Fort Weyr
When: Day 23, month 2, turn 443

'Like two stones racing down the same stream.'Collapse )
27th-Jul-2006 09:35 pm - Excitement mostly abounds
Who: Aolani, I'neph, J'tei, Soriane, V'ter
What: Lani shows off her latest find and the weyrlings congregate to discuss recent events in their lives
Where: Living caevern, Fort Weyr
When: Day 13, month 2, turn 443

'I'm wrong, you're right, and J'tei loved everything.'Collapse )
24th-Jul-2006 09:22 pm - Two people happy
Who: Aolani and I'neph
What: I'neph takes advantage of a good thing
Where: Lake, Fort Weyr
When: Day 4, month 2, turn 443

'Hey now, don't go getting me into your pot of hot water.'Collapse )
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